Kuwait’s first fully equipped specialized waste recycling facility. We recycle your metallic and electronic waste to decrease your carbon footprint, all-the-while doing as in an eco-friendly manner

Electronic waste is the world's fastest growing waste stream, growing between 5-7% each year. Electronics are being built to last for shorter durations, and the newer technology is becoming more advanced at an icnredible rate. These two factors combined result in an immense amount of waste around the world each year.
By choosing to responsibly recycle your unwanted electrical equipment, you are joining a movement that will protect the environment we live in. EnviroServe has a global network of partners who have adopted the international standards established by the United Nations Environment Programme, and the WEEE (Directive 2002/95/EC). ( * Mixed Metal waste, or the commonly used term "Scrap", consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials )
Enviroserve’s data security and destruction services prevent the accidental or illegal use of sensitive information, such as client data, financial and employee records. Enviroserve provides specialized services for all types of systems and can satisfy virtually any destruction need.

• Enviroserve offers hard drive destruction capacity across multiple locations.
• All hardware is secured until every trace of data—confidential, proprietary or otherwise—is destroyed.
• Enviroserve’s comprehensive data destruction system complies with governmental laws and regulations.
• Enviroserve eliminates customer liability by offering a completed certificate of destruction documenting the entire process

We handle our customers’ data destruction in the same manner that we handle our own—effectively and expertly— cleaning confidential data and specifying the entire process to our client. We understand security and liability are top of mind for our customers. We eliminate client liability by offering a completed certificate of destruction documenting the entire process— bringing them peace-of-mind that their business and brand are protected.”

Special Waste is fast becoming a major issue for premium brand owners in the Middle East, as they need to guarantee your unwanted inventory or seized counterfeits don’t re-enter the market. For example, this could be last year’s Cinema TV model, or the 2000 fake copies of your expensive handbag seized at customs. Not only this, but you have a responsibility to ensure that their removal from the market is done in a responsible way for the environment. Shampoo’s, cosmetics, all types of aerosols, machinery, car parts, marketing display units, furniture – you name it, we will ensure it gets recycled.
Enviroserve helps their customers maximize the return on their IT investment by capturing the remaining value of their assets. Enviroserve’s asset management program begins with logistics management-collecting and recording each item into their personal customer site and securing items for transport to Enviroserve processing centres.

We offer collection services for E-waste, paper, cardboard, on an ad-hoc basis as well as regular intervals
At our facility, we sort the waste streams into categories before processing to decrease our waste production to a minimum
We have installed state of the art machinery to shred, segregate, and process raw materials for direct down streaming
We weight and record all the waste we collect and categorize it per type and per client